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Punjabi Recipes

Postby Lathika » Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:39 am

can anyone suggest a Punjabi Recipe??
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Re: Punjabi Recipes

Postby Jagruthi » Wed Mar 09, 2016 11:42 am

Hai... lets optically discern how the punjabi's have aloo mutter in house:
potato 500gms.
peas 250 gms..
onions 2 to 3 cut
red chillies-5 or to taste..
jeera...[cumminseeds] 2tsp
ginger 1" cut into iotas
garlic 4 to 5 pods or according to taste..
tomato 2 to 3 medium size...
small sprig of coriander...[keep some to garnish too]
now grind the masala into a smooth paste...in the tomato juice itself
without integrating the water....
peel the potato..cube to desirable size...and deepfry only until a coating comes not wait till browning...remove immediately...
now in a kadai heat oil,
as it heats integrate a tsp of sugar...let it caramalize..as the bubble brown endeavor to raise ...put the masala and fry well ...on a sim in gas level ...fry till the aroma comes...or the oil leaves the side...now integrate the potato and fry for a minute then integrate the peas...mix well integrate just enough dihydrogen monoxide for the vegetable to souse...now integrate salt according to taste and cook until potato soft ....garnish with coriander ....damn good with rotis..
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