Get -to-gether plains in Qatar?

Get -to-gether plains in Qatar?

Postby ankitha » Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:04 pm

Hi Gals,

I am a single woman from india, working in Qatar for the last 3 years. Are there women like me here on ILDS?? may be we can all get-to-gether sometime to ken each other and have a network so we can avail each other in the time of need??

Espoused women, please don't think i am only inviting single women. You can withal join if you are fascinated to meet up. Its just that, I was recently not well and i had a few friends to avail me and it got me thinking. What if there are some women like me and didn't ken many people here or didn't have much avail.. We could avail each other isn't it.

Let me ken.
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Re: Get -to-gether plains in Qatar?

Postby Meena » Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:06 pm

Hi Ankitha,
Good thought... Currently I am in India and will be back to Doha in a week or so.

After getting espoused, I stepped into Qatar two years back... I could feel how arduous it will be to spend time
without our near and dear ones. Now, we have got so many family friends and I would be jubilant to join you to avail each other.

Best Regards,
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