Angularjs Training in Chennai

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Angularjs Training in Chennai

Postby linuxsys » Sun Dec 10, 2017 10:08 pm

What is AngularJS ?

Angular JS is developed by google, its an purely open source JavaScript framework that is used to build front end web applications which used, changed and shared by anyone. It is an exceptional framework for building single phase applications(SPA) and line of business applications.

Advantages of AngularJS

• Data-binding − Automatic synchronization of data between model and view components.
• Filters − These select a subset of items from an array and returns a new array.
• Directives − Directives are markers on DOM elements (such as elements, attributes, css, and more). These can be used to create custom HTML tags that serve as new, custom widgets. AngularJS has built-in directives (ngBind, ngModel...)
• Templates − These are the rendered view with information from the controller and model.

AngularJS Training in Chennai

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