Myth, Reality, or a little of both – Depression?

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Myth, Reality, or a little of both – Depression?

Postby Chandana » Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:50 pm

What is your fundamental take on melancholy? You plenarily believe it is pristinely a noetic health issueand transpires, can transpire to anybody? Or you thoroughly cerebrate it is a fancy label and the person just needs to suction it up and get on with life? Or something in between? Suggest me..
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Re: Myth, Reality, or a little of both – Depression?

Postby Bhanu » Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:51 pm

Right now, my opinion falls somewhere in between. Melancholy is authentic, can transpire, but it is far too often propped up as an exculpation by people and medicos. Somehow, medicine for themind - I instinctively cerebrate a No. I am not so rearward as to cerebrate that only someone visibly mentally impaired needs medical avail... rather that there needs to be a higher threshold to medicate the mind than for body.

But then what do I ken... felt that way about epidural for childbirth, that a needle to the spine is surely a last resort.... and when the desideratum arose, was cadging for it, and even told the dashing anesthesiologist, "God Mystically enchant you" after the meds gave blissful respite.

So there... confessed my remarkably unscientific illogical take on it.
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