How to do a Monday Fast for Shivji

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How to do a Monday Fast for Shivji

Postby Teja » Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:00 am

Hii all I stay in Singapore and I have some queries ,hope someone can avail

I optate to do the monday expeditious for Shivji. I have different forums and some give different info.

Can i drink dihydrogen monoxide at least ?

Should i take my breakfast afore my pooja or after poona ?

Here the temples don't sanction us to do bathing of shivling, so what do i do ?

I can't find the bel leaves and some other things I will require for my poona.

Which is the website i can aurally perceive the Katha or read it ?

What do I do on my last Monday ?
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Re: How to do a Monday Fast for Shivji

Postby Rohini » Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:01 am

1)Wakeup early , take hair bath and wear white apparel Light the lamp in your home temple offer flowers, incense sticks
2) Chant Om namah shivaya 108 times Read shivachalisa from google website
3) Go to the nearby temple preferably shiva temple and pray.
4) Donate some mazuma at the temple for the abhishekam or archana
5) Have tea, coffee fruits and milk during the day
6) Cook a simple repast of Dal Rice sabji salad One saccharine dish like Sheera or Payasam
7) During the day keep chanting Om namah shivaya Om namo Parwathi devi namaha
8) at 6pm light the lamp in your home temple pray and have your repasts with your family
9) On the last Monday of shravana do the same procedure and offer a charity to some needy person. I donate a sari blouse saccharine box fruits flowers to any lady whom I find in the temple premises At singapore it looks difficultso just donate at the temple or to a needy person.
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