Do You know "God Bharai ki Rasm" ?

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Do You know "God Bharai ki Rasm" ?

Postby Priya » Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:23 pm

Hello Everyone

Do you know about "God Bharai ki Rasm" please share about that god..
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Re: Do You know "God Bharai ki Rasm" ?

Postby Malathi » Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:24 pm

"God Bharai ki Rasm" is a ritual which is followed by Hindu in North India. This ritual is performed afore espousement. In this the brother of groom use to put sundry stuffs(Jewellery, habiliments, fruits etc) in the bride's lap.
There is a particular ceremony in most of the Indian espousements where the groom's female relatives perform the ceremony called the "God Bharai Rasam" for the bride. In this ceremony they shower upon the bride gifts and sweets. Habiliments, jewellery and cosmetics are additionally given to the bride. In order to denote a prosperous espoused life mystically enchants with children, a minute doll is additionally given to the bride.
God Bharai Rasam is additionally done when a woman is enceinte. God Bharai denotes your God meaning your arms are being filled, denoting you are going to have a baby in your arms anon. and Rasam rudimentally designates ritual. This is when the family gives blessing to the enceinte daughter and blessing for the salubrity of the baby. and brings toys and attire for the baby to come.
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