Transferring from chennai to kl, malaysia - treasured guidel

Transferring from chennai to kl, malaysia - treasured guidel

Postby Zeeba » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:08 pm

Dear all,

I am new member of this community. This group provides valuable and valid suggestions and advice on various topics especially moving from India to different countries, not only for ladies but also for the entire family.

I am here for some suggestions from you all who are living in KL, Malaysia. I am from Chennai and I got a job opportunity to move to Cyberjaya, KL, Malaysia next month. Before that, I wanted to know more about the cost of living and overall information about my decision.

My office is in Cyberjaya, and my salary is RM7500. The consultant told me that for the first six months, from my salary 25% will be deducted as flat tax to the Malaysian government. Is it true?

With the balance of RM5625, I will have to send home (Chennai) RM2600. So the remaining RM3025, will be enough for a single person to manage in Cyberjaya, KL, Malaysia every month?

If my office is in Cyberjaya, which place would be a convenient place for me to stay. I don't want to travel much. I am willing to stay nearby office (walking distance). Will I be able to find a room sharing with Indians in and around Cyberjaya? Which rental website will have genuine information? Do you have any genuine agents contact details?

Please friends, suggest about other expenses that I would be incurring there. Awaiting your reply and thanks in advance.

Best regards,
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