How to Dealing with slow learning kid?

How to Dealing with slow learning kid?

Postby Anitha » Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:05 am

hi ladies,
this is my first post.i am inditing this with a cumbersomely hefty heart. i have two sons.My elder son is eight years old.he is good in studies. my younger one is 4 years and three months.he has arduousness in learning. he s taking an inordinate amount of time in learning things.he can identify and indite most of the alphabets. Had a very tough time in learning numbers. after one year struggle now he can identify and indite few numbers below ten. he can recite 1 t0 10.(he doesn't ken to tell 11,12).
Can anyone pls suggest me..
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Re: How to Dealing with slow learning kid?

Postby Radha » Wed Mar 16, 2016 11:06 am

First I optate to verbally express, you are doing a good job!!
1. For edifying numbers, you can endeavor utilizing colourful flashcards. Additionally you can play videos of numbers, shapes and colours from time-to-time. You can inspirit him to verbally express numbers while he plays. Verbalize, you injuctively authorize him to clap his hand 20 times while he counts (goes like 1 clap, 2 clap etc.).
2. For shapes and colours, you can ask him to point out the colours and shapes of sundry object around your house, his toys etc. You can narrate what your are doing everyday and make this component of edifying to him. For e.g.. tell him, the milk is white, the colour of your shirt is blue etc. Include his elder brother in as many activities as possible and avail him edify his younger one. While doing this, endeavor as much as possible not to compare. Accolade your kid and as him to play along.
3. Sing as many rhymes as possible with actions and hysterical expressions when your kid is around. Show him that these activities are comical and delectable.
4. For spelling his designation, you can indite his denomination on his hand and read it to him. Ask him an abundance of times during the day to spell his denomination. Its OK if he reads the letters from his hand at first. He will pick up the spelling within few days.
5. More than what children learn from school, they learn from home facilely. Be frolicsome with him and don't lose your patience.
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