How to be a successful mother?

How to be a successful mother?

Postby Harsha » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:25 am

Hi friends. I am a mother to a 2 1/2 yr old daughter. I always feel inadequate in the place of mother. I optate to be responsible and disciplined so that my daughter withal becomes akin to that. I optate to raise her in such a way that she is vigorous reliable responsible valiant and independent and perspicacious enough to survive in this tricky world. Prosperous moms please share your phrenic conceptions on how to bring up a kid well.
in what all should i engage her in. what all schedule you follow for your kids including diet, cleanliness, activities indoors alfresco etc.
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Re: How to be a successful mother?

Postby Rachana » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:27 am

You are such a good mom for wanting to go all this for your daughter :)
If you are on Facebook, join Montessori groups such as Montessori 101 and Montessori and RIE groups. They will give you tons of conceptions on how to foster ingeniousness and independence in your child. At 2 and a moiety, the accentuation should be on lots of free play both indoors and alfresco. Kids this age learn best that way as opposed to someone formally edifying them. Give her open ended materials to play such as blocks, art materials and read to her lots. Endeavor to eschew those strepitous, flashy battery operated toys and circumscribe or eschew TV altogether.
Kids like predictability so have a routine or rhythm in place for her everyday. Involve her in your day to day work like cooking and cleaning and let her avail you. The montessori websites and groups should give you a plethora of info on how to do that. Buy her kid sized cleaning materials and kitchen implements and let her work with you. Let her withal have some alfresco play time everyday.
Fixate on her being ecstatic as opposed to training her to be academically brilliant and let her sing, draw, play and work with you and she will grow up to be an astonishing child!
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