No love for first daughter

No love for first daughter

Postby Rachana » Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:27 am

Hi, this is my first post. And it is about my first daughter.
My first daughter is 8 years old and is a darling for me and my husband. We loved and celebrated her from her birth. All these changed once my second one arrived. I mean it is just me... My husband is still having the same unconditional love towards both the kids.
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Re: No love for first daughter

Postby Harshini » Wed Mar 02, 2016 11:28 am

Hi badmother - Do not feel so bad.

I am new mom to a baby and I love her dearly. We of course want to have another one and I think always - Will I forget this sweetness when I have second one.

Because I have this problem of not able to attend everything, everyone. Can not wear many shoes.

I remind of my childhood when my younger sibling was born after many years ( like in your case - 8 yrs, my parents suddenly forgot me... My dad literally had harsh words for me all the time. Long awaited baby and lot of work and me being elder to help.

I think its human tendency to forget one when we get another one...priorities and emotions keep shifting. Its not that my parents did not love me.

It is a phase for you and will pass soon. But child's mind is sensitive. I use to cry a lot, run from home,... have done lot of tings so my dad would hate me more.

So Hon, Please do not let her feel that you do not love her anymore because it is not true. Till the time you realize that you love her, just keep pretending.

I have friends with 2 girls . Because mother has to take care of younger one, so father makes sure she does not feel ignored. Takes her out a lot to all kid zones.
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