Need Suggestion for Safer to raise kids in India or USA??

Need Suggestion for Safer to raise kids in India or USA??

Postby Archana » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:47 pm

Recently hearing the rape news of a six year old, I broke into tears.Just trying to empathize in that mom's situation is enough to break the heart..
give me your valuble suggestions pls..
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Re: Need Suggestion for Safer to raise kids in India or USA?

Postby Priya » Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:48 pm

Not a mom yet...but hands down, USA seems illimitably safer. For women and kids.

Again, not to verbally express lamentable things don't transpire here but at least the component of US I live in, there doesn't seem to be as many issues with child molestation and abuse or women being harassed on a day to day substratum.

As a woman, I can ambulate in most places around here at virtually any time of day (or night) without being bothered (and affirmative, I have had some pretty tardy nights in my college years and the area where I lived at during college wasn't precisely a great neighborhood but despite this, no issues with me or anyone else I kenned aside from infrequent car break ins or a very infrequent mugging but no ravishes or anything).

If anything were to ever transpire, I would feel more confident about it being dealt with accordingly in US. Not to mention, there are far more resources to determine if your neighbors are safe or have a history of being offenders. (Find Offenders | Family Watchdog)

In India, I could be out with my mom, grandma and a temple and STILL be harassed or have people endeavor to incongruously brush up against me. Even if there were men like my dad or well-built chachas around. Didn't stop perverted creeps from endeavoring. Solemnly messed up.

I have the utmost deference for women who live in India amongst such creeps. I have no conception on how they manage without losing their lucidity.
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