Suggest me a Parenting tips how to discipline kids?

Suggest me a Parenting tips how to discipline kids?

Postby Gamya » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:57 am

I was initially orchestrating on posting as a replication to “ Impudent bloggers....Qw” thread in Parents & Siblings forum, but that thread went into another direction about racial discrimination.
I am not fortifying the blogger here, but her first point is valid that parents should be responsible for controlling kids in public places. I personally had experience with such naughty kids.
please suggest me..
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Re: Suggest me a Parenting tips how to discipline kids?

Postby Amulya » Wed Mar 16, 2016 10:58 am

Affirmative. Parents are responsible for their kids' demeanor. while there might be exceptions when a child needs special care, most children can be edified what is acceptable deportment and what is not.

It is paramount to set limits for the child. From a puerile age we require to enforce it. When my daughter pulled our hair or hit us at 8 or so months, we would serenely hold her hand and verbally express "that hurts" or "we don't do that." She ceased very early. Kids are agog to please us. So if we accolade good deportment and firmly resist deplorable deportment, we will have a well comported child.

Like crayoness verbally expresses, it is consequential to avert tantrums we can. Ascertaining the child is well alimented and reposed is very consequential. Then comes keeping the child engaged. The best thing I did was introduce books to my child from the time she was born. She can optically canvass books and be regaled by them for hours. Take toys (silent ones ) to restaurants; snack to the supermarket in case the child feels peckish visually perceiving all the victuals. Be consistent at all times. Verbally express your child wants a juice carton while you are in thw supermarket, in lieu of giving it immediately and paying later, verbally express he will get it once you have paid for it. From when my child was 2, she would hold an frozen dihydrogen monoxide cream in hand but wouldn't even taste it until she was sure I paid the mazuma. If we are consistent in setting and enforcing boundaries, the child is bound to learn.
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