How do you deal controlling parents?

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How do you deal controlling parents?

Postby Maduri » Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:04 pm

There was a Tamil movie which shows most traits of Indian parents. My dad was a typical Indian father. Being a girl, I could not decide what I liked to do
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Re: How do you deal controlling parents?

Postby Nitya » Tue Feb 23, 2016 4:06 pm

same to same dear!!
But the only difference is I even got married to his choice at the age of 20.. I completed my degree early by one year even that was his decision to hike my age in the kindergarten. I still feel he ruined my beautiful years of the younger days which I am not going to get back.
Now my daughter is 20 and is bindaasss!!!! dressing how she likes, eats what she wants, studies, higher studies, job everything we have left it to her, but at her age I suffered at the hands of in laws, SIL's occasionally and hubby being totally remote controlled by them, I was helpless, sad, not allowed to work... always advised by my parents to be a good DIL, adjust adjust adjust was all they would say...

My Dad is 70+ now but is powerless and know's we dont listen to him any more, in laws are no more, now I am independent to take any decisions but still I miss my youth where I was controlled first by my Dad and then my in-laws.

Never let your Dad know any of your plans, even if he advises on any issue quickly change the topic, inform him after everything is done, just smile at his suggestion and do want you want.
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