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Re: Husbands taking care of kids and wife pursuing her caree

Postby Lalitha » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:15 am

I would like to know the answers for eg, where the dh is taking care of kids as well working and the wife is allowed to pursue her dream career far away.
Let's say it is prolonged commitment about 2-3 years and the wife will visit the dh about 4-5 times a years ( lets say about 4-5 weeks a year).

anyone have similar experience? If so how do you cope with the long distance relationship?

I am sure there are plenty of logistical problems with this situation. Financial and flying to and fro which is part and parcel of the situation. Can't get any help from wife at times of need like when kids are sick etc. No friends or family help available as well. Also the kids missing their mother is another serious issue.

Let's say it is a real life scenario, I would like frank opinion on this situation.
Guys are welcome to give their input. Will you allow your partners the freedom to pursue their dreams?
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