Sweet Moments with your Husband

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Sweet Moments with your Husband

Postby Nitya » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:02 am

Share your Sweet Moments with your Husband which will be Sweet Memories
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Re: Sweet Moments with your Husband

Postby Shilpa » Wed Feb 24, 2016 11:03 am

When I got married I was happy that I am married but I was not so happy with some things. I expected my husband to be in an Officer grade, but though he was not in Officer grade I later understood that he is full of knowledge which is required in life and a gem of a person. While going we are not going to take anything with us except the good things will come with . He was staying in a Chal and my mother in law, his two nephews and brother in law were with us . They were very helpful and were very loving.

Now coming to the sweet things which I cant forget and which will be happy memories always. I learnt cooking from my husband as before marriage I was not interested in cooking. For delivery I did not go to my mother's house, my mother came and stayed with me and my husband was of great help during my delivery. After five years we got our own house a flat, by that time my mother in law expired and my bil, and his nephews were in different place. When I used to come back from work, he used to bring the kids , my 3 children to the station and we used to go back home.
He used to help me in the kitchen and take care of the chidlren too. He used to come home before me, so evening cooking he used to take care, though morning cooking will be there, he has to heat it and will give me coffee.
He used to accompany for any picnics or any programmes in the office

After retirement I was not allowing him to help inthe kitchen. But since two years after my cataract operation, he only takes bath first, then boils milk, keeps for rice and later I strain it. The days when I have to do archana he makes chapathi too. On Tuesdays and Saturday we go to Ganeshji temple and Navagraha temple. In Ganeshji temple they give milk and tilgul as prasad. Tilgul my husband takes first and gives me. Since we have milk , he first washes his hands and gives me water to wash.
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