What is the real meaning of marriage?

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What is the real meaning of marriage?

Postby Rachana » Tue Feb 23, 2016 1:25 pm

After reading lot of posts in IL about different problems, one question that comes to my mind is - WHAT IS THE REAL MEANING OF MARRIAGE?
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Re: What is the real meaning of marriage?

Postby Akshara » Tue Feb 23, 2016 2:44 pm

ou have virtually stolen the words from my mouth. I often wonder about this.

What I have concluded is that we as a society have a long way to go before we mature. Individual and group egos are extremely high and a person's or a group's importance depends on their ability to get others over to their point of view and way of living. Think of this expression in Hindi "humare rang mein rang gaya/gayi" meaning someone has started behaving/looking/thinking like me, has taken on my hue. There is no space for individuality or for a diverse perspectives. This is evident everywhere - not necessarily just marriages.

Given this background and the fact that the society has been largely patriarchal, it is hard for people especially those who stand to benefit from the system to accept changes which might rock the balance.

Many women are also brought up to believe in male superiority and domination and hence are scared to put their foot down and take steps which might put them in difficulties. We all wait for society to change but forget that it has to start with us. When we talk of changes starting with us, we tend to think of changing the way our sons think, which essentially means we have to wait a generation to see the beginnings of change in the way women are treated. We forget that we need to stand up for own rights first because our sons will find it hard to accept what we try to imbibe in them if we allow ourselves to be dominated (or alternatively play the act of martyrs) while advocating to them to treat their future wives well. Practice what you preach.
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